National Heads-Up Championship, Round 1

The phlegmatic programmer just qualified for round 2 of the National Heads-Up Championship at Full-tilt. Round 1 consisted of  180 players battling for one of the two top spots. Despite the name, no heads-up so far, just ring games with 9 players. Easy cruising, no serious bad beats, and a great last hand:

Only three players are left. The phlegmatic programmer (P) has 120.000 in chips. To the left sits A with 90.000 and to the right B with 60.000 in chips. Blinds are 1200/2400. P has the button and Q J off-suit, bets 7200. A folds, B calls. Flop is Q Q 10. P bets again 7200, B calls. Turn is a 5. P pushes all-in, B insta-calls and shows pocket-fives !! River is a J. Happy Christmas, P 😀


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