A single Bayern München is not enough for Germany

It is time that German soccer again closes that gap that has widened between it and the other top european soccer leagues in England, Spain and Italy.

It seems evident what the reason for this gap is: the lack of two european top clubs from Germany. Let’s look at the leagues. Here we have:

England:  Manchester United and Chelsea

Spain: Barcelona and Real Madrid

Italy: Juventus Turin, Milan, Inter

Germany: Bayern München

Of course, Italy has had some problems in the recent past, with Milan and Juve having much weaker teams than in the past. This is the reason why currently the German and the Italian leagues are coming closer in the official ranking. But in my opinion  the Italian soccer leagues will return soon to their past glory.

Looking at the above list, it is clear that every other top league has at least two top clubs. Germany needs a second one, too. Personally, I am a fan of Werder Bremen, and for some time it looked like Bremen could become that second team. The last two years seem to suggest otherwise. But what other team could seriously challenge Bayerns top spot? Leverkusen? Schalke? Time will tell. Schalke could become a serious contender if it keeps Magath as a trainer and gets a grip on its financial problems.


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