There isn’t going to be an interpreter for Babel-17 on September 1st. Two other projects are currently swallowing up all of my time. My new goal is October 1st. The interpreter will probably well be done before that deadline, but to complete the integration into Netbeans I will need some time, too.

Nevertheless, the need for Babel-17 becomes more and more urgent. It is likely that the next few years will see a programming language emerge to rule all others, just as Java has done it for several years. While Scala is the best programming language out there right now, it will have a hard time to attract all those Javascriptists and Pythonistas out there. The type system is just too complex, especially when designing libraries instead of just using them.

Currently I am coding in Scala, Java, Javascript and Objective-C. For user interface design I use Swing and Cocoa and HTML/CSS. All on the same day. Ridiculous? Yep. It would be nice to code all that in Babel-17.


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