Who is afraid of Facebook?

Or Google, or Apple for that matter. I don’t have to mention Microsoft here, nobody is afraid of THEM anymore.

Do you have to be afraid of  a company that rolls out “Places” a long time after for example Foursquare made its mark? A company that actually had a Foursquare cofounder as its employee, only to let him go?

Is Facebook here to stay? I dare to say, no way. Mark Zuckerberg is no Steve Jobs, he is no Bill Gates, and he is no Eric Schmidt. By the way, Eric Schmidt is no Steve Jobs, either. Back to Facebook. Facebook is seriously lacking in vision and technological leadership. It also does not value privacy enough. Many smart friends of mine do not want to register with Facebook. And there is a reason for that.

So… Can you attack Facebook with a new social network head-on? Definitely. Use the privacy and useless Farmville notification inroads that Facebook gives you today, and beat them with the same bravado that Rocky has shown when facing Apollo Creed tomorrow. Give your best, and in the end, your best will get the best of Facebook.


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