Servlet 3 spec download only with Oracles approval?

Last time I checked, I could download this JSR spec without any trouble. Since when need download transactions for public JSR specs be approved? Maybe just a minor misunderstanding, but to me this is just further proof of the bullshit Oracle is trying to pull off Java related recently.


2 Responses to “Servlet 3 spec download only with Oracles approval?”

  1. Frederic Jean Says:

    It looks like Sun^WOracle’s export control related systems have flagged you. Use the link to Customer Service to interact with the people who manage these systems to try to get you unstuck.

    Sun^WOracle got pretty twitchy about export controls and we had to put pretty stringent controls in many location.

    I would help you but I lost all visibility into the process after I left (read fled) Sun^WOracle right after the acquisition closed.

  2. phlegmaticprogrammer Says:

    Thank your for the advice, I’ll try that for further specs I might want to download. Luckily, I found this particular JSR already on my hard drive from a download one month ago 🙂
    I hope you are happy with your new job!

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