Books on Sound

Feynman was the right place to start. So, sound is just variation of air pressure, where normally (except in special cases like explosions) the magnitude of the variation is tiny compared to the ambient air pressure. From there, I found the following  very useful and interesting books (I only give the names, google them for details):

  • Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications
  • Musimathics (Volume I, II)
  • A Digital Signal Processing Primer

These books seem to cover most of the state of the art of what interests me in sound. It seems to me that there is big potential in making the knowledge in these books available in the form of a sound programming language. This sound programming language could be built on top of Babel-17, or maybe just be a library for Babel-17 with possible improvements of Babel-17 to make the integration as smooth as possible. So I have two side projects now: finishing Babel-17 v0.21, and working through above pile of literature.


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