Babel-17 for Android

Development of Babel-17 will proceed at a much better pace from December on. I have aligned two interests of mine and will develop the Android port of an iPhone app in Babel-17! As Android effectively runs Java, it should be easy to get the Babel-17 reference implementation running on Android. Because the Android port is a big project (is has taken me about 4 months to develop the iPhone app), Babel-17 should have a very mature reference implementation after the port has been done. I will add features to Babel-17 on an as-needed basis. Of course I won’t get away with the “purely functional” approach entirely, as this is a real-world app with lots of state. But this state should be encapsulated in and confined by suitable abstractions, so that about 90% of the final program is purely functional, and 5% deals with state, and another 5% is just pure magic 🙂 The Android port should be done faster this way, not slower, because I know already a lot about what kind of abstractions I need from the original iPhone app. I can support these abstractions directly in Babel-17 (for example in a “Babel-17 for mobile” extension), so the actual code I am writing will be concise and elegant and, very importantly, short. And of course, it will be so much fun that I have no problem to continuously work for 3 months on it, which should yield much higher productivity than just coding the Android port in Java, which would inevitably lead to at least 50% downtime because of Java boredom (I have seen this with the iPhone app and Objective-C boredom… This could have been done in two months instead of four…). Can’t wait to put the finishing touches on the iPhone client and start with the Android one 🙂


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