Year 1 of phlegmatic programming

I started this blog pretty much one year ago, declaring it “year 0 of phlegmatic programming”. One year has gone by now, and Babel-17 v0.21 is almost here. What’s missing? Not much:

  1. Right now there are two parts, one written in Java, and one in Scala. I need to merge the error messages from both parts into one log of error messages. Estimated effort: 1-3 hours.
  2. There is no debugger, and it is doubtful if I will ever provide one, as I have no need for one. What is more important is to be able to examine exception traces. Every exception in Babel-17 should therefore be able to print its exception trace to the log. Estimated effort: 1 day.
  3. A language feels much more real, if you have a nice editor for it. There will be a Netbeans plugin for editing Babel-17 files which has syntax and error coloring. It would also be nice to directly run Babel-17 from Netbeans, but for Babel-17 v0.21 I will provide this only if I see how this can be done quickly. Estimated effort: 1 day.
  4. Although the basic features of the language have been implemented, some of the operations on standard types like maps have not been implemented yet. Estimated effort: 1 to 3 day.
  5. Finally, update the spec so that the spec fits the current implementation.

So hopefully, after this weekend I have a complete version except for parts of the standard library. By the end of next week, Babel-17 v0.21 should be available. Check back on Monday for the newest progress report.


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