Babel-17 Netbeans Plugin

A first version of the Babel-17 Netbeans Plugin has been completed.

Edit: Where is the error in the above picture đŸ™‚

Being a first version, it is nothing fancy, but has the most important ingredients:

– syntax highlighting

– error highlighting

– the ability to run a program

– the ability to jump from stacktraces to locations in the source code

Currently the feature is missing to stop a program that has gone rogue… you will have to use the “kill” command for that right now. It will become part of the plugin as soon as possible, because it annoys me a lot!

Before I release it, I need to add the standard library to the interpreter and update the spec. The current spec you can download from “Downloads” at is from July and outdated in certain places. A more up-to-date spec can be found in the Babel17_Docs directory.

Scheduled release date for the plugin is the coming Friday.


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