Babel-17 now featured at !!

The Babel-17 plugin is now featured at! For this occasion I’ve updated the documentation of the Babel-17 plugin to contain the most recent changes in Babel-17 (which is actually just the try-catch control statement for version 0.21.1).

The development of Babel-17 is currently on hold for two more weeks or so as I am in the process of finishing up an iOS project of mine (polishing an otherwise feature-complete app so that it pleases the eye is harder and takes more time than one would expect …). After that it is on to Android 2.3 and Android Honeycomb, and there we will see what Babel-17 is really made of. More importantly, what Babel-17 should be made of :-). Yes, expect Babel-17 soon to provide an abstraction layer on top of Android (and, in the future, other mobile operating systems, most notably iOS and maybe also Windows Phone (if Microsoft buys Nokia, that is …)).


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