Types for Babel-17

Another app is out of the door (or at least submitted to Apple for review: http://askearth.com) and it is time to think a little bit about the future of Babel-17. So far I have not had the time to apply Babel-17 to real-life coding. Two things are needed before I can confidently do so.

First, I need the abstraction that types give you. There are only built-in types in Babel-17 currently; what is the best way to bring custom-built types to life? Some solution is needed.

Second, I need to complete the translation to continuation-passing style and translators from this style to objective-c, javascript, and java.

The problem with real-life projects is that they are fast-moving. A finished Babel-17 is a solution to this problem, but a Babel-17 in the works only makes it worse. So I need to split my projects into two categories of projects: Those that are real-life, and those that will become real-life within not less than 6 months. The projects of the second category can employ Babel-17. The projects of the first cannot.

Off to thinking about types 🙂


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