My main (side) project

I decided what is going to be my main project for the next 6 months. Or rather, what is going to be the project that will take the majority of my time alongside other topics. It is …. potsized !

I also thought about creating musical software for the iPad (and this might still happen) because I find it fascinating how a computer these days is capable of being the most powerful musical instrument the world has ever seen. There is a whole generation of new Mozarts out there, just waiting to be equipped with the right computer “instruments”.

But a poker site (that is what potsized is going to be) has two advantages: a) I know a lot more about poker than I know about music, b) I see more clearly how I can bring Babel-17 into the development process. potsized runs on the google app engine (right now it consists only of a tiny dummy servlet); it should be possible to write most of the server-side code in Babel-17, given a suitable Babel-17 / app engine bridge. It will also need a client for Javascript, for iOS and for Android.

Finally, a nice poker client needs sound effects! It should be possible to squeeze in an education in synthesizing sound through physical models into the potsized effort 🙂

My vision for potsized is to turn it into the best poker site for No-Limit Texas Holdem on the planet. It will run with virtual currency in the beginning and the focus is on providing the best digital poker playing experience. Pokerstars and fulltilt are already very good in that respect, but with a focus on no-limit texas holdem I see room for huge improvements. potsized will also welcome anybody’s action: if you are a computer, you are welcome, too. This means that anyone can create a poker client for potsized, and  I will be actively encouraging people to do so through an attractive affiliate program.

Check out from time to time to see how potsized is coming along! Or just follow this blog, I will surely post news about major developments regarding potsized first here!

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