I have had a few days now to think about my decision to make a poker site my main project, and to see how it feels like. Actually, it does not feel to good. My main enthusiasm for a poker site is fueled by the idea that the site lets both people and machines play against one another, and that this will be an ideal playground for developing ideas about poker artificial intelligence.

The sad truth is that except me, there are maybe only 100 other people thinking that this is exciting. So in order to make money out of the site, I cannot make the AI the focus of my work, but must concentrate on how to make people buy many virtual coins that they can spend doing online gambling. My hope would be that people like playing against AIs, as a way to train themselves to beat the toughest of opponents. I think this hope is valid, but that it will take a long time to educate people to see this point clearly. I don’t have that long time. Also, after a long time, what really would have been achieved?

What I really need is a vision that is worth the effort. That is worth, when in a few months my current funding runs out, to take on a day job and still work on my vision during the week-ends and nights. A vision that if properly implemented and brought to full bloom, improves not only my life, but also the lifes of many many millions of people on this planet.

As it happens, I actually DO have such a vision. I’ve had it for some time, but it got lost in the many other ideas that I or friends of mine had. It is a vision that has many good ideas in it, some of which can be turned into reality right now, some of which will have the right environment to blossom only in a couple of years. It is a vision that can become a company as big as Amazon, Facebook or EBay. But it will be fun and useful and just fucking great long before that.

The vision has many facets, one of its most important ones lends it its working title: Tasticious.


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