On Types, Part V: Algebraic Datatypes

Let’s go a step further and try to do more with types than just simple enumerations. How about a type for binary trees?

typedef bintree (LeafNode _), (InnerNode (_, _ : bintree, _ : bintree))

Now all bintrees are wellformed binary trees. The tree

   / \
  2   3

can be created like this:

bintree (InnerNode (1, bintree (LeafNode 2), bintree (LeafNode 3)))

Note that for example the expression

bintree (InnerNode (1, 2, 3))

would result in an exception TypeError. If you prefer binary trees such that the above expression is also OK, you can define bintree like this instead:

typedef bintree (LeafNode _), (InnerNode ( _ , _ , _ ))

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