RxOL and Cocina

I was looking on the internet for things that are similar to what I envision for Applied Cuisine, and I found something that made me very excited: A little book from 1985, Computerized Cooking, that has already worked out a lot of the things that I was about to research!! The author of the book, David A. Mundie, seems to have a similar background to mine (Logic in Computer Science), and when I compared his book with my private notes that I have obtained brainstorming about Applied Cuisine, the amount of overlap was uncanny. He has developed a program called Cocina which denotes recipes in a functional programming language called RxOL. The program doesn’t seem to be around anymore. Recently, the concept of RxOL has been revived by the website Cooking For Engineers, using a patent pending graphical successor of RxOL called Tabular Recipe Notation. It seems though that the site no longer uses this notation on a regular basis.

I am now convinced that my vision for Applied Cuisine is the right one, as I seem not to be the only one to have had it and acted upon it. Basically, you could say

Applied Cuisine = Cocina + 2011 .

Don’t forget to register for early access to Applied Cuisine!


2 Responses to “RxOL and Cocina”

  1. ronojoyadhikari Says:

    I too have had a similar idea, though I never pursued it to the well-thought out detail that Mundie did. What are you plans for Applied Cuisine ?

  2. ronojoyadhikari Says:


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