Currently the pattern

f ? p

has two different meanings, depending on whether f is a function or not. If f is not a function, then the message deconstruct_ is sent to the value to be matched, the result is applied to f, and then result of this application is matched against p.

This, so I thought, should enable pattern matching against cexprs even for values that are no cexprs.

In the light of how types are going to work in Babel-17, this does not seem to be so useful anymore. Instead of the pattern

Plus ? p

why not write directly the pattern

Plus p

All that is needed for this to work is to modify the semantics of above pattern such that code like

match v
  case Plus p => ...

leads to the result of v.deconstruct_ Plus being matched against p. Original cexprs have an obvious default implementation of deconstruct_, and other values can optionally implement it.

This is a good place to also announce another change: the pattern

match v
  case Plus => ...

will not any longer be synonym with

match v
  case (Plus nil) => ...

but instead with

match v
  case Plus _ => ...

The reason for this is that especially exception handling becomes more robust and streamlined, for example the code

  exception MyError "my bad"
case (exception MyError) => "hello"

will now result in the value "hello".


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