On Types, Part VII: Automatic Type Conversions

Sometimes you’d like that a value automatically transforms into a value of a certain type. For example, it would be handy if strings could turn automatically into integers when the situation demands this. For this purpose, automatic type conversions will be added to Babel-17. These automatic type conversions are triggered when matching the type pattern. For example, in the expression

match y
  case x : string => x

first we try to match y to x : string. If y is a string, this match succeeds and x is bound to y. If it isn’t, then we check if y has an automatic type conversion for string. If it does and the conversion produces no exception, then x is bound to the result of converting y. If it doesn’t or if there is an exception during conversion, then the pattern doesn’t match.

Any object ... end expression can be equipped with an automatic conversion to type sometype via

def this : sometype = ...

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