Lenses Suck Less

The day started well when I found an email with a link to the following video in my inbox:
Making Apps That Don’t Suck.

After watching and enjoying that video, I stumbled (via the scala-debate mailing list) onto the following talk:
Lenses: A Functional Imperative. This was when this day really started to rock.

I mean, how \emph{cool} are Lenses? They are such an obvious concept; maybe so obvious that people who used lenses before didn’t bother to give them an explicit name. But as it is, often sometimes becomes visible and tangible only once it has a name.

Lenses seem to be a must-have for Babel-17. I always wondered how to generalize the following shortcut update notation which is currently available in Babel-17:

val x = { a = 3, b = 2 }
x.b = 7

Here x.b = 7 is short for

x = { a = x.a, b = 7 }

I don’t think that lenses will make it into the Babel-17 v0.3 release, but expect them in Babel-17 v0.3.1 .


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