No Wildcard Import

I have implemented wildcard import in Babel-17, i.e. you can do something like

import com.coollib._

or even more complicated imports like

import com.coollib.{coolfun => f, -notneeded}

which will import everything from com.coollib except notneeded. The value com.coollib.coolfun is accessible by the local name f.

But now I decided to get rid of wildcard imports again. There are two major points why wildcard imports are not such a good idea:

  1. Wildcard imports can lead to name collisions that you are not aware of. Right now, it is an error if an imported name collides with a local def or val, but it is no error to collide with names defined not in the local, but an outer scope. This rule makes sense for all imports except wildcard imports, where it is dangerous, especially since Babel-17 is dynamically typed.
  2. Wildcard imports are the only thing standing in the way of a complete separate compilation of Babel-17 files. Right now, all modules are scanned in a first phase. In the second phase, this module information is used for wildcard resolution.

The second point is annoying, but obviously I have already worked around it. But the first point really is a deal breaker. Wildcard imports gotta go.


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