Babel-17 can call Java now

I have done some serious thinking about how to use Babel-17 to power my projects like Applied Cuisine.

The main backend for my projects is going to be Google App Engine (GAE). So it would be great if I could use Babel-17 for GAE development. The first step to achieve this has been done now. Babel-17 can call Java now. Here is an example:

val s = native New ("java.lang.Short", 2)
val ar = native New ("java.util.ArrayList")
val _ = 
    ar.add 1
    ar.add 10
    ar.add 5
    ar.add s
    ar.add ((18, 13, 15),)
ar.toArray ()

The above code evaluates to (1,10,5,2,(18,13,15)).


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